CSSH Residents/Fellows Scholarsip

This scholarship is intended to introduce Chicago-area Residents and Fellows interested in hand surgery to the Chicago Societry for Surgery of the Hand and promote our mission to foster ongoing education in the field of hand surgery.

Scholarship recipients will be selected by the CSSH Board a pool of qualified applicants.

The winners will be recognized at our annual Prospective Members meeting.


Applications shall be made available in the fall and are due at a date selected to preceed the Prospective Members meeting by at least 2 weeks:

The Residents/Fellows Scholarship application essay shall be:

One page, Font of applicants choice, single spaced


Letter of good standing from current training program

No interns or medical students

Level of training: PG-2 through Fellow

Prior attendance as a guest of a member will not disqualify an applicant


The CSSH maintains the exclusive right to modify, amend, or cancel the CSSH Fellowship Award at any time.