Year CSSH Residents/Fellows Scholarship Award Recipient Winners, Finalists, and Title of Presentation (if applicable).

Winner: Cristin Coquillard, MD - Northwestern University Plastic Surgery

Finalist: Julian Klosowiak, MD, PhD - Northwestern University Plastic Surgery



Donald Chuang, MD - University of Illinois Orthopaedic Surgery

Aaron Kearney, MD - Northwestern University Plastic Surgery

Theodore Schoenfeldt, MD - Loyola University


Winners: Dr. Jeremy Adler and Dr. Krishna Ravella

Finalists: Dr. Madeline Lyons and Dr. Andrew Straszewski


Inagural CSSH Residents/Fellows Scholarship


Dr. Kareem Hassan - "Dequervain's Tenosynovitis: A Deeper Look at the Epidemiology and Utility of Multiple Injections Using a National Database"

  Dr. Andrew Straszewski - "Utility of a Tension-Band Constuct in Treating an Ulnar-Sided Carpometacarpal Fracture and Dislocation with Assoiated Hamate and Capitate Fractures"